Paras one33 | Paras 133 – Best Project for Commercial Spaces


If you are looking for a project which has all the features which one commercial project should have, then you must go for Paras One33 without any doubt in mind. This is a new commercial project coming up in sector 133 of Noida from the real estate giant paras group. This group have ensured all the facilities and amenities to be listed in development and planning of this new project. This project also becomes important because of its location and surrounding. This project is favorite project of investors as this project is well connected through Noida- greater Noida expressway and is also near to all neighboring cities of Delhi NCR.

Metro connectivity is adding as a craze to this project and thus will help the commuters to reach this project with ease and convenience. With the factor and convenience of reachability for visitors from all corners of the city, this project also delivering spaces for retail shops, serviced apartment and Paras group also has a plan to develop a huge 125 room luxurious hotel within the boundaries of this venture. Uniquely planned and designed, Paras One33 flashes a great ambience from inside and beautiful facades on outside. This is a single tower project which will also have ample parking space and spaces for other commercial units.

Green surrounding and development of this project on green Eco-friendly platform also makes this distinct from other commercial ventures in town. Paras 133 commercial units are available at very affordable rates and with low maintenance cost. Property specialist have found and judged all the specialties in this project and are claiming this project as one of the most profitable development in town where investors can expand their business without any doubt for their secured business future and for high returns.

Paras One33 – Offers the Best Walk to Work Environment


Paras One33 is designed to facilitate the property related to commercial space. This property is a wonderful commercial complex for the people looking to invest in and open a business. Noida is a state-of the art integrated business district that has ample working space and other features to spend the quality time. The building is designed by the renowned architect – Hafeez Contractor. It has an attractive facade overlooking landscape gardens. It is becoming the prime business hub where there more than 800 retail shops and two floors are equipped for office space. The project spans over an area of 2 acres of land and have brilliant interior structure.

Paras One33 is located in brilliant location that is in sector 33 Noida. It is the best property that offers both residential as well as commercial space under one roof. The location advantage you will get is the availability of jaypee hospital within just kilometer distance and it is on the opposite to sector93 Noida expressway.The project has been designed for the convenience of the customers where they will get each and everything from living destination to the social needs. Paras Build tech is the great builder who is known for its quality arrangements and provide five-star facilities.

Paras One33 ensures you to provide the perfect accommodation with lots of beneficial facilities. Shops sets across the lower ground that sizes ranging from 250 sq.ft to 1400 sq.ft. With the availability of office space on second and third floor.It is the fantastic plaza comprised of retail shops, hotel and serviced apartments. It is a multipurpose mall that offers the great lifestyle. Moreover, one can experience the latest fashion and spend some amazing lifestyle in a healthy urban environment. It provides the best ‘walk to work’ environment and define the exact luxury space.

Paras One33 – Shopping Becomes an Adventure Here


The range of shopping mall is going vast and people shop there till      they drop. Delhi NCR has more high-end shopping complex and the   Paras One33 is one of them where people can find anything in terms of both quality and quantity of any retail options. It is the best shopping hub where visitors and shoppers can experience a memorable one. Here, they can dance, eat, watch and play the games. It is a full fun packet where each member will get everything of their own choice. So, do a party and enjoy your weekend with your friends and family members.

Paras one33 is a big shopping center where you could spend a whole week shopping, dining and exploring its various entertainment facilities. It has a stylish architecture and enticing fashionistas and luxury shopper inside. The levels build inside the building gives you a feeling of shopping in abroad cities. It has a fusion of east and west or a mixture of tradition and modernity where you can explore trendy things. There is a huge variety of stores, showrooms and retail shops and can buy every possible thing and discover both foreign luxury fashion and pieces of local culture.

Paras one33 is a superb destination filled with both fashion, food and entertainment. The stores equipped with ranging from high status to basic brands. Here, you will see the heavy crowd also of employees, youngsters and couples. So, shop your favorite things with cheap copies of the latest Asian fashion and trends. This commercial property has a spacious zone where you can enjoy the surrounding view with an emphasis on trendy, ordinary stores and contemporary brands. Shopping becomes an adventure here and do not forget to check out the surrounding beautiful antique architecture with colourful decorations with bright lights.

Paras One33 –An Excellent Investment Option

paras one331
Paras One33

The Luxury Commercial Project is the new buzz word in the real estate industry. Most of the people are making a shift from normal local street shop to the luxury shops as it fetches more number of customers. So, real estate developers are working hard to deliver the luxury shops at an affordable rate. Paras Group is creating its new space that is Para One33 located in sector 133 Noida expressway. This project is coming up with lifestyle presidential shops in Noida that span over 2 acres of land with a price range of about Rs. 11,250 per square feet.

Noida Expressway has a greater housing facility and a number of IT Hub that can offer you the number of customers for your business. One can experience the better neighborhood and friendly environment. Paras 133 urban development proceeds to develop a professional culture and promote urban plan in this city. So, grab the modern lifestyle and shop the latest brand available in the market. The main question comes to your mind that what benefits they will get if they buy the Paras One33 property. So, you will get lots of advantages like location advantage, project facilities and surrounded by the residential units. So, the best place to start your business.

Paras One33 experience the quality and ultra-modern amenities here. This is the best shopping destination where you can find the most elegant department stores for fashion and goods. Paras One33 is known for its multi-feature or quality arrangements such as having retail, private and business activities under one roof.When you enter into it, you just feel you have landed in an international zone where you get rich culture and luxurious lifestyle. Paras 133 offers a mix of unique fashion and luxury shopping as well as a perfect place for buying wedding dresses. The project spread to a larger area to offer service apartments, hotels and shops at an affordable price.