Mall Of Saya Find Space for Shops Noida

Saya Mall is located in greater Noida West having all contemporary amenities with ultra-modern design and structure of the buildingwith water fountains with varieties of flowers in the centre of the complex, which attracts a large number of visitors. Mall Of Saya faces a water park and green park, which are greatly appreciated especially by children. The location of the building is attracting large number of buyers and investors, by offering various facilities and by fulfilling the requirements of end user.It has occupied a wide space in which varied size of shops has been constructed. Enjoy your shopping with experience of adventurous activities and in the eco-friendly environment.

What makes it so special? It looks like a wall, but designed in a modern way. It is designed in a three-dimensional composition and has given a new identity and a new vision. The key-concepts of designing are use of Italian marbles that has given a dynamic look to complete construction. The wide glass window gives you a unique stylish look of complex with the numerous facilities. The buildings seem to defy the sky with the provision of entertain activity such as movie hall, indoor entertainment zone and huge shopping area. There are some trapezoid – shaped doors and windows contributing the modern aspects of the construction.

The interior is modified in the European style with the colored shelves and contains all decorative objects, which can give you a peaceful and energetic environment to work and grow your own business. The spatial and architectural design of this space makes it the successful commercial complex. It is a great place to pick up branded clothes, jewelry, shoes, living accessories, watches, and handicraft materials, kitchen and home usages items etc. So hurry up and get your space booked in this marvelous development.

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