Hrithik Roshan attends Suzzane Khan’s father Sanjay Khan’s Eid party

Bollywood news about the Eid celebration is that Bollywood celebs, through social media, gave a congratulatory message to their fans. King Khan of Bollywood  Shahrukh Khan said, “Eid Mubarak” greeted his fans in the number of thousands from his home gallery, while Amitabh Bachchan said on Eid Mubarak on social media. After this, many Bollywood celebs at night infused friendship with the party of Eid at their home. We are talking about a similar party which Suzzane Khan’s father and film actor Sanjay Khan has kept a splendid party at his home for family and Bollywood celebs. Bollywood news about this party, Bollywood Actress Mirza, along with her husband, apart from TV actress Karishma Tanna, many Celebs have been spotted here during this time. But everybody’s eyes just looked justified on Hrithik Roshan. Let me tell you bollywood news, Sanjay Khan, Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Suzzane Khan’s father. In the past, Suzzane Khan was separated after divorcing Hrithik.

Despite being divorced, Suzzane Khan and Hrithik are spots with each other. It was bollywood news last week that Hrithik and Suzzane could be one for the kids again. And then they are thinking about marriage again. ‘Let us know that the media is always having bollywood news that both want to be one again, but both have never said anything openly about this. Let’s say, Hrithik was married to Suzzane Khan in 2000, but due to differences and separation in the year 2014 after the mutual monarchy, both of them got divorced. Bollywood updates is that despite being divorced, Hrithik Roshan and Suzzane Khan did not show any heartache in their midst. Both of these are often seen with children, sometimes with a wake up, movie date and sometimes dinner date.

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