Verdict OUT – Fans Love Suhana Khan more than Janhavi Kapoor

In the beginning of the week, bollywood news spread about the discussions which was started in Bollywood corridors after Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan’s became Vogue Magazine cover girl. Subhana Khan’s debut photoshoot was a lot of praise, and with this, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana’s direct fight started with Sridevi Kapoor’s daughter Janhavi Kapoor. Janhavi Kapoor’s debut photo shoot was only a few days before the release of her movie ‘Dhadak’ , and in the June month edition, Vogue chose her cover girl.

Both the photoshoots of Star Kids were very fussy and it was almost impossible to choose one of them. So bollywood news left the job to you and met Suhana Khan, daughter of Shahrukh Khan, the highest vote on this poles, and she got the number one place. While this was followed by Janhavi Kapoor at number two and Suhana Khan went ahead with them in this case.

As per bollywood news, Suhana Khan got the highest vote in our poll and 53 percent voted for Suhana Khan, while Jahanvi Kapoor got only 47 percent of the votes.

Nonetheless, let’s tell about bollywood updates that Suhana Khan daughter of Shahrukh Khan is also preparing to debut in the industry on the lines of Jhanvi. Suhana Khan always wants to act and she is preparing herself for this. Bollywood Updates is that Suhana is currently studying graduation in England and after this she has to complete her planning acting course and be in the acting field. However, Suhana is already active in the theater and has acted on stage.


At the same time bollywood updates about Janhavi is that she has stepped into Bollywood and her debut film ‘Dhadak’ has got a lot of buzz. In just two weeks, the film has earned about Rs 70 crore.

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