Mall Of Saya Find Space for Shops Noida

Saya Mall is located in greater Noida West having all contemporary amenities with ultra-modern design and structure of the buildingwith water fountains with varieties of flowers in the centre of the complex, which attracts a large number of visitors. Mall Of Saya faces a water park and green park, which are greatly appreciated especially by children. The location of the building is attracting large number of buyers and investors, by offering various facilities and by fulfilling the requirements of end user.It has occupied a wide space in which varied size of shops has been constructed. Enjoy your shopping with experience of adventurous activities and in the eco-friendly environment.

What makes it so special? It looks like a wall, but designed in a modern way. It is designed in a three-dimensional composition and has given a new identity and a new vision. The key-concepts of designing are use of Italian marbles that has given a dynamic look to complete construction. The wide glass window gives you a unique stylish look of complex with the numerous facilities. The buildings seem to defy the sky with the provision of entertain activity such as movie hall, indoor entertainment zone and huge shopping area. There are some trapezoid – shaped doors and windows contributing the modern aspects of the construction.

The interior is modified in the European style with the colored shelves and contains all decorative objects, which can give you a peaceful and energetic environment to work and grow your own business. The spatial and architectural design of this space makes it the successful commercial complex. It is a great place to pick up branded clothes, jewelry, shoes, living accessories, watches, and handicraft materials, kitchen and home usages items etc. So hurry up and get your space booked in this marvelous development.

Varun Dhawan talks about girlfriend Natasha & his wedding plans!

There are bollywood News of weddings in Bollywood now days. On one side, where Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have got engaged and soon there is bollywood news of getting tied up in marriage, the bollywood news of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone’s marriage is also very strong. Also, there is talk of marriage of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, in this way Varun Dhawan and his girlfriends Natasha Dalal have also been talking about different kinds of things.

Varun Dhawan was silent about his relationship and marriage with Natasha for a long time, but now he has broken his silence in this matter. In the interview to bollywood news, Varun says that “My first love is film and everybody in my life knows this. Natasha, my family and my friends come after the films. I make relationships for relationships, not letting go. ‘

Varun also told that on the say of Natasha, he did some films “Actually, I decided to do a film like ‘Badlapur’ or ‘October’ due to Natasha. Due to Natasha and some friends, I do some different films. They like this kind of cinema. ”

Varun told on his relationship further, “The special thing about our relationship is that I have someone who is not with me because of this because I am an actor. This feeling is amazing in your life. We are tied to each other and this is the main thing. We know each other for a long time, so the connection is deep. It’s like a family. ”

Tell you bollywood News that Natasha and Varun are friends of childhood and many photos of Natasha with Varun Dhawan come in the social media. Giving his opinion on marriage, Varun said, “I am ready for this. I do not know when, but definitely do one day

Talking about bollywood updates of the movies, Varun is currently busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Sui Dhaaga’, which also includes Anushka Sharma. Directed by Sharat Kataria, giving the message of ‘Made in India’, the film is ready for release on September 28.

Hrithik Roshan attends Suzzane Khan’s father Sanjay Khan’s Eid party

Bollywood news about the Eid celebration is that Bollywood celebs, through social media, gave a congratulatory message to their fans. King Khan of Bollywood  Shahrukh Khan said, “Eid Mubarak” greeted his fans in the number of thousands from his home gallery, while Amitabh Bachchan said on Eid Mubarak on social media. After this, many Bollywood celebs at night infused friendship with the party of Eid at their home. We are talking about a similar party which Suzzane Khan’s father and film actor Sanjay Khan has kept a splendid party at his home for family and Bollywood celebs. Bollywood news about this party, Bollywood Actress Mirza, along with her husband, apart from TV actress Karishma Tanna, many Celebs have been spotted here during this time. But everybody’s eyes just looked justified on Hrithik Roshan. Let me tell you bollywood news, Sanjay Khan, Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Suzzane Khan’s father. In the past, Suzzane Khan was separated after divorcing Hrithik.

Despite being divorced, Suzzane Khan and Hrithik are spots with each other. It was bollywood news last week that Hrithik and Suzzane could be one for the kids again. And then they are thinking about marriage again. ‘Let us know that the media is always having bollywood news that both want to be one again, but both have never said anything openly about this. Let’s say, Hrithik was married to Suzzane Khan in 2000, but due to differences and separation in the year 2014 after the mutual monarchy, both of them got divorced. Bollywood updates is that despite being divorced, Hrithik Roshan and Suzzane Khan did not show any heartache in their midst. Both of these are often seen with children, sometimes with a wake up, movie date and sometimes dinner date.

Mall of Saya Buy Shops in Your Budget

Mall of Saya is known for its fabulous construction, beautiful design and greenery all around. This commercial project has settled a new shopping elegance in Noida.Saya Group has added some unique features in this new commercial development and is expecting a good response from customers and commercial market. The builder is now focusing on clean and Green concept. Whether you are a tourist, a usual shopper you can enjoy the shopping at this commercial property. Noida has a big list of amazing malls but Saya Mall is unique in all senses where you will be impressed with awesome shopping involvement.

Here, you will notice an open-air market also in which there will be stalls of food, handloom and handcraft items. Moreover, you can buy accessories and apparels of latest fashion and of top brand both for men and women. This is a market for all, having wide range of brands and for budget shopping as well. It is center not for only Indian people but also for foreign visitors as well. There are various options for shopping such as you can purchase artificial jewelry, Watches, trendy footwear, home decoration products etc. This complex is fully air-conditioned and has many securities at every floor.

It is a posh development in Greater Noida West, has widely spread in area, and is very well connected to other locations of Delhi NCR.At mall of Saya one can you get almost everythinglike entertainment, foodies, home appliances, Cafes, parlorsunder one roof and your every wish of visitors will be fulfilled at this property.Enjoy your shopping in a very popular and the best shopping place. Customers and investors are showing keen interest in investing their money in Mall of Saya and are guaranteeing high returns from day one of their investments.

Verdict OUT – Fans Love Suhana Khan more than Janhavi Kapoor

In the beginning of the week, bollywood news spread about the discussions which was started in Bollywood corridors after Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan’s became Vogue Magazine cover girl. Subhana Khan’s debut photoshoot was a lot of praise, and with this, Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana’s direct fight started with Sridevi Kapoor’s daughter Janhavi Kapoor. Janhavi Kapoor’s debut photo shoot was only a few days before the release of her movie ‘Dhadak’ , and in the June month edition, Vogue chose her cover girl.

Both the photoshoots of Star Kids were very fussy and it was almost impossible to choose one of them. So bollywood news left the job to you and met Suhana Khan, daughter of Shahrukh Khan, the highest vote on this poles, and she got the number one place. While this was followed by Janhavi Kapoor at number two and Suhana Khan went ahead with them in this case.

As per bollywood news, Suhana Khan got the highest vote in our poll and 53 percent voted for Suhana Khan, while Jahanvi Kapoor got only 47 percent of the votes.

Nonetheless, let’s tell about bollywood updates that Suhana Khan daughter of Shahrukh Khan is also preparing to debut in the industry on the lines of Jhanvi. Suhana Khan always wants to act and she is preparing herself for this. Bollywood Updates is that Suhana is currently studying graduation in England and after this she has to complete her planning acting course and be in the acting field. However, Suhana is already active in the theater and has acted on stage.


At the same time bollywood updates about Janhavi is that she has stepped into Bollywood and her debut film ‘Dhadak’ has got a lot of buzz. In just two weeks, the film has earned about Rs 70 crore.