Sonali Bendre And Goldie Behl’s Love Story Is A Beautiful Tale Of Accidental Love


Latest bollywood updates is that Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre is struggling with serious cancer problems this time. This information was given to the fans themselves by their own social media account. In which she had told that she is getting treatment in New York. In this difficult time, Sonali’s husband Goldie Behl is giving her full support to fight this disease. Significantly, when Sonali posted an emotional video while cutting hair on social media. Then emotional Sonali was seen to keep quiet with Goldie’s love.

According to Bollywood News,Sonali reminds,  we used to have lunch together and I made a comment on the habit of eating them slowly, which made Sonali angry. After the movie ‘Naraz’, Sonali worked with him in his film ‘Angare’. At that time he used to give all the messages of the director to Sonali.

In the beginning it was a one-sided love. But Goldie wanted to express her love to Sonali in any way, and he feared that his friendship might not be spoiled. In 1998, Goldie took the help of friends and offered Sonali sit on the knees. Sonali could not say ‘No’ to Goldie and after four years, both of them got married.

During treatment in New York, Sonali is also completely active in social work. She keeps telling her fans his story, and also expresses her gratitude. Through the Bollywood News, please tell that Sonali has got ready to defeat this disease.

Sonali shared a picture on Twitter, in which she is appearing in small hair. Through this post she said, ‘I will tell about my favorite author Isabel Alende. We do not know how strong we are from inside, unless we are forced to show our full strength. People do wonderful things according to tragedy, time of war and need. The human potential of survival and renewal is amazing. ‘

Along with that she further says, ‘The only thing I am trying to focus on is a positive attitude. This is my way of dealing with it. Sharing your journey is part of this process. I can just hope that it reminds you that you have not lost everything and somebody will be able to understand somewhere that you are going through.

Bollywood Updates says, it is worth noting that Sonali Bendre was judging the reality show ‘India’s Best Dramabazar’ a few days ago. When Sonali Bendre stopped showing in this show, no one thought that all this was due to her illness. Although Sonali Bendre has said in her tweet that the only way to fight against this disease is to take action immediately against it.

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